Marcella Hastings [pgp]

DSL, Moore 102
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Resume // CV


I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Distributed Systems Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focuses on secure multi-party computation (MPC) as it transitions from a theoretical academic construct into a practical tool for privacy preserving data computations. My advisor is Nadia Heninger. I plan to graduate in December 2020 and am currently looking for full-time positions.

I work part-time at Bolt Labs, Inc., where I'm developing an application of MPC for anonymous digital payments. I spent summer 2019 at Boston University, working with SAIL on JIFF, a framework for MPC.


The Proof is in the Pudding: Proofs of Work for Solving Discrete Logarithms Marcella Hastings, Nadia Heninger, and Eric Wustrow. FC 2019.

SoK: General Purpose Frameworks for Secure Multi-Party Computation. Marcella Hastings, Brett Hemenway, Daniel Noble, and Steve Zdancewic. Oakland 2019. [IEEE]
I also maintain a software repository with build environments for every tool we surveyed, plus some new ones. [code]

Measuring small subgroup attacks against Diffie-Hellman. Luke Valenta, David Adrian, Antonio Sanso, Shaanan Cohney, Joshua Fried, Marcella Hastings, J. Alex Halderman, and Nadia Heninger. NDSS 2017.

Weak keys remain widespread in network devices. Marcella Hastings, Joshua Fried, and Nadia Heninger. IMC 2016. [ACM] [slides].


I've been a teaching assistant for many courses at the University of Pennsylvania and Tufts University.

I developed coursework for the computer science workshop portion of GEMS 2017, a summer camp for middle-school girls interested in engineering, math, and science.


A variety of research and non-research projects can be found on my Github page, including general notes, teaching materials, and an assortment of half-finished hackathon projects.

My hobbies include powerlifting and fabric engineering.